Off Road Rescue Unit

Off Road Rescue Unit

The Off-road Rescue Unit of the Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa is a highly trained crew of unpaid volunteer 4 x 4 owners. They work closely with local emergency services, Disaster Management, the South African Air Force, Civil Aviation, the SAPS, K9 Search and Rescue Association, the Mountain Club of South Africa, and other volunteers

The Off-road Rescue Unit provide wilderness and urban search and rescue, transport, logistical support, and radio communications functions, in rough terrain areas, in times of need including civil or national emergency

The memebership of ORRU is updated on a regular basis and finds and ongoing strong core group of members who remain committed and available for the activities of the Unit. The list is a great mix of old, middle (aged) and new members

A number of times during the on callouts we are reminded of the seriousness of Rescue work and burden that is carried by volunteers. The year under review, there was an increase in the number of call outs, almost every second week.

This is largely due to the organisation reputation for being thorough,disciplined and for getting the job done

The ORRU team is continuously training, making the Unit ready for action at a moment's notice. As in previous years, ORRU continued to participate in joint training with other colleagues from MSAR and in August 2014 with Rescue colleagues from Limpopo region

The annual Sabie Training Camp took on a new lease of life with a dedicated group of members training hard in the Sabie rain. Our bi-annual Wilderness First Aid course run by W38 Paul was well attended, allowing all members the chance to keep medical skills up to date

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