Mountain Club of South Africa (MCSA)

The MCSA was founded in 1891 and is made up of 13 sections across the country, each of which administers its own activities in that region. MCSA operates in the mountainous areas in different provinces. The mission of the MCSA undertakes to provide an effective and efficient Mountain Search and Rescue service on a voluntary and free of charge basis to those in need in mountains, irrespective of race, gender or cultural background. They respond to any incident in a mountainous or wilderness area, which involves a missing, stuck or injured person 

The policy of the MCSA is to ensure that best available resources are used during search and rescue operation, and equipment are always maintained to the highest standard of service ability. During the period under review, MCSA procured equipment useful to aeronautical SAR. It conducted training and exercises which covers skills applicable to any SAR incident and conducted joint training with other provinces

In terms of operations and general rescue, the club was involved in approximately 95 incidents. The club received an annual grant from the Department of Transport and some smaller sums were received from various indivuduals, mostly ex gratia after the rescue of themselves or their family members. The money was used to procure relevant equipment

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