Hamnet is a specialist Voluntary Communications Organisation, under the control of the South Africa Radio League, established in the early 1960's to assist and support Government and Non-Government Organisations with an alternative means of communiation or in a supportive role when normal communication becomes inadequate or overloaded

Hamnet participated in about ten (10) exercise and fourteen (14) search or rescue operations during the period under review which were not necessarily related to SASAR. Hamnet was involve in excess of 20 search and/or rescue operations as part of Wilderness Search and Rescue

Hamnet has an on air emergency radio net with hourly call-ins. The radio net is coordinated by Trevor Brinch ZS1TR from L'Agulhas and supports travelling radio hams and has handled emergency traffic from Gough Island. Hamnet expanded their capabilities through the acquisition of a Kenwood HF radio system capable of being operated remotely through the Sky-Command system   

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